Comic for November 16, 2022

And we’re baaaack! Well, for a limited time, anyway.

I want to thank everyone who has checked in now and then to see if the comic is still around. I had always planned on coming back, but I knew it wouldn’t be for awhile. I had experienced burnout, like a lot of my other comic friends. On top of that, my work life this past year has been stressful and rough. So spending all of my free time on a comic that I love but brings me little to no income was the last way I wanted to spend my time. But my love for this comic got me back to the drawing board, and now I have the first book available!

The comics to come in the following weeks all take place after the dragons have completed their X-F3 mission, and are now permanent members of the crew. While I will have some short arcs, this batch of comics will focus on single gags. This comic has a soft re-introduction, and we see that some things haven’t changed.

You can take a look at the latest post on how to get the Galactic Dragons Volume 1 book, or click HERE! And check back here every Wednesday for a new comic for the next few weeks!

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