I’m so happy and excited to finally be able to present the first book in the Galactic Dragons series: Galactic Dragons, Volume 1!


A 128 page paperback that features over 100 comics, as well as some never before seen comics, fun facts, and illustrations! I also was thrilled and honored to have the foreword written by the amazing and talented Steve Ogden! You can check out his comics and social media through his Linktree HERE.


You can find the book on Amazon HERE, or see the link for my Linktree HERE; if you’d like a signed copy and don’t mind paying a little more to cover S&H, there is a link available in the Linktree for PayPal; if you don’t have a PayPal account, then email me at dana(at)danaatnip(dot)com, and I can email you a PayPal receipt that you can use for payment without having to have a PP account.


It will also be available as an eBook as well, in case you don’t see it yet.


Thank you for your support! If you buy it on Amazon, I’d be so appreciative if you could leave a good review! Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! ^-^