There is no larger honor than someone taking the time to draw your own personal characters in their style!

Over the years I have received so much great fan art, I finally have created a page for all to see! The link can be found in the top menu bar along with the other website pages.

I’m always thrilled to receive fan art, so if you send it along to me I will add it to the page! You can post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me, or you can send it to Dana(at)

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to send me fan art, I appreciate you so much! I also always do my best to reciprocate (though in honesty I am much better at drawing animals/critters than drawing people, so if you have a human OC I really don’t want to butcher it, lol)

I am at this time learning the software that I need to put my book together, stay tuned! I will post updates to Twitter (@GalacticDragons) and Instagram (@DanaAtnipArt). When the book is complete is when you will see new comics. I’m shooting for summer, but please don’t quote me on that.

In the meantime, wishing you all the best 2022!! ^-^