Comic for June 2, 2021

Don’t ask me why there’s a butterfly in a space station, just let it go! I needed a prop to signify Ion’s continued lack of attention and that was just the easiest way!

And oh no, our Tempest crew will have to complete basic training! Looks like Captain Thew got the last laugh. I had thought about doing a few strips of them in basic training, but decided to just end the whole arc here.

AND…I’m going to be taking a looong break, folks! As you can see, I’ve had trouble lately even keeping up with one comic a week, I’ve just been very overwhelmed with my job and life in general lately and I just need some time off. How long? I don’t know, six months, maybe longer. During that time I want to FINALLY put together a GD book, and when that’s ready, I will be back with some new strips. I’m most active on Twitter but I will still also post to Instagram and Facebook. I still haven’t decided if I will do a Kickstarter or just do the print on demand.

I WILL soon be adding a fan art page to the website, so be on the lookout for that!

Thank you so much to all of you who have followed the comic for so long, plus all of your wonderful comments, shares, retweets, fan art, and a HUGE thank you to those of you who have made monetary donations via Ko-Fi (link is on homepage, look for T-Bone!). I hope the comic has brought some smiles and laughter for you! Take care, I wish everyone the best!

Dana ^-^