For thousands of years, mankind has gazed up into the heavens and observed the beauty and mysteries of space, planets, and the constellations.

What mankind has been unaware of is that creatures live among the very constellations that they are named after (no, really, it’s true!) For example, in the constellation Ursa Major live the bears, in Leo live the lions, and in Draco, of course, live the dragons.

Galactic Dragons follows the adventures of Captain Thew and his crew of misfits, doing their best to serve the Mighty Dragon Fleet, stay alive, and have some fun while doing it.


Q: Is Galactic Dragons for everyone?

A: It is intended for an audience of 13 years and older (PG 13 if you will). It was not created for young children in mind, so viewer discretion is advised.

Q: Why is the comic in black and white?

A: Call me curmudgeonly, but I’m a bit old school when it comes to comic strips. Back when I was a kid, the daily comics in newspapers (a newspaper is a relic made of paper which humans used to read the news) were black and white. The Sundays were in color. And doggone it, we liked it that way!
I feel there is a beauty to the traditional black and white comic strip, where art, design, and uses of┬áblack, white, and tones were used to tell the story. There’s nothing wrong with daily strips being in color, but I prefer black and white. Plus adding color takes more time, and time is precious. Color will be reserved for the Sundays.

Q: The strip only updates twice a week. Can we expect more in the future?

A: I work a full time job besides doing this, so for now only twice a week is what I can physically produce, unless I stop eating or sleeping. But who knows what the future holds (I may stop eating or sleeping).


A big THANK YOU to those that have helped make Galactic Dragons possible:

Troy C: Encouraged me to re-boot the strip in the first place! Adviser, best artist-pal, and designed the website’s banner!

Phil H: Website support, thank you for your patience and help!

Keith R: Computer builder and support, puts out the fires (usually on top of my head) when things aren’t working. Thank you for your continued patience and support! Couldn’t do it without you!

Alanna St. L: A lifetime of support and sisterly advice!