Thew character study Ink andColor sm

Captain Thew: Captain of the Tempest. Fierce, cunning, and dedicated. Deserves respect, but isn’t about to get it from his crew (except from Aurora).

Aurora Color Final sm

Aurora: First Officer of the Tempest and the only other member of the crew besides Thew who takes her job seriously. She has little patience for incompetence, and can hold her own in a fight.

Bruno Ink and Color rvs sm

 Bruno: Pilot of the Tempest. He has leadership qualities that he chooses to ignore.

T-Bone character study Ink & Color sm

T-Bone: Ship mechanic. While he has some minimal skill, he’s barely qualified for a multi-million dollar ship. Expert goof-off.

Azimuth character study rough

Azimuth: Ship navigator. Has skill with a star compass, when he can find his way to the bridge. Has a crush on Aurora, who doesn’t return his affections.

Ion INK and Color sm

 Ion: Ship security. A genius with weapons but he’s a pacifist at heart. He’s also a few electrons short of an atom.

Sputnik Ink and color revised sm

Sputnik: Thew’s annoying but extremely smart nephew. He’ll fix your computer or hack it, depending on his mood.

Copernicus 2015

Copernicus: Bruno’s dragon-dog. Eager, loyal, and a bit dumb.