Over the years I have received so much great fan art, and I can say there is no higher honor! Check out the amazing fan art below, as well as guest comics from over the years! If you’d like to submit your own fan art, you can always post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me, or send it DM! 🙂


Mr.Ben (comic: “Oddbirds”)


Sam Hudson (comic: “Life of a Stepdad”)


H. Stacy (comic: “Pesky Gremlins”)


Charles Brubaker (comics: “Ask a Cat” and “The Fuzzy Princess”)

Also Charles Brubaker

And above is the latest GD art from Charles, seen here with his new character Loren Ipsum!
(Comic: Lauren Ipsum)


James Boyd and Saad Azim (comic: “Sunny Side Up”)


Also James Boyd and Saad Azim (guest series can be found in the archives!)


Jon Esparza (comics: “Bubble Fox”, “Mike and Mindy”, and “Crazyverse”)


Also Jon Esparza

Guest comic by Jon Esparza

Another guest comic by Jon Esparza


And again Jon Esparza 


And just one more from Jon Esparza  🙂


Josh Nickerson (comic: “Melancholy”)

also Josh Nickerson (see T-Bone 3rd row far right) 🙂


Eric Gapstur (comic: “Sort of Super”)


Also Eric Gapstur



Carl Henrichs 


Also Carl Henrichs


Keri Johnson (comic: “Zookie the Dragon”)


Kim Belding (comic: “Pik Pac”)


Paul Falchetta (“Master Key Comics”)


Saad Azim (“Sunny Side Up”)
See T-Bone third row far right!


Nost (@NostTheWhelp on Twitter)

Jordan Kirian (comic: “Gordy”)