Comic for October 21, 2020

At long last Molly removes the bracelet that the Lycadians used to imprison her and the colonists, with some aid from Azimuth.

In Molly’s pain of what she’s lost, Azimuth gently reminds her what she’s gained.

And I once again get a chance to use my rarely-used “Runes” font. I love it, but I don’t get much use from it.  Maybe I should use it to write secret messages!

Next week the humor returns to the strip, at LAST, right?! A lot of the comics in the past few months have had more of a serious tone, but to be fair it was an emotional subject. I tried to inject humor where I could so it wasn’t just one long downer. But now the funny can come back (at least I hope you all find it funny, lolz!)

Hope you all are having a great week! Halloween draws closer, yay!