Comic for October 14, 2020

This comic marks the last appearance of Maxton and the Lycadians. Moving forward will be the return home to the Draco constellation for the Tempest Crew and the colonists.

Captain Thew shows mercy to the Lycadians; Pontifex’s actions should mean consequences for the race, even if they are not a part of the United Federation of Constellations (yes, based off of the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek…I created this a long time ago, haha!).

But Thew understands that the Lycadians have suffered a great deal already, and the race is almost extinct. He didn’t want the last few of this once great race to be behind bars for the remainder of their days. And now it’s time for Thew himself to face the consequences of his own actions; of defying the Mighty Dragon Fleet!