I was flattered recently to be asked by the talented Jon Esparza to contribute another guest comic for Bubble Fox! (link to Bubble Fox is HERE)

The timing was perfect as Jon had just completed a recent story arc where our protagonist Bubble Fox stumbles upon an enormous egg, which in the end hatched into an adorable baby dragon (which I proudly can say I called from the start; there were many speculations as to what he would hatch into, but I know a dragon egg when I see one!). BF decides to adopt the dragon hatchling.

(If you click on the comic it will take you to another page, then click it again for a larger version)

In this comic we find that Bubble Fox has asked T-Bone for some help in raising a baby dragon, something that BF soon regrets!

Let’s face it, T-Bone is NOT a good role model for any dragon! 😀