A Halloween treat come early from Jon Esparza, a Galactic Dragons/Bubblefox comic crossover!

This comic was displayed on Jon’s “Bubblefox” comic website recently and I loved it so much that I asked permission to use it as the weekly feature here at Galactic Dragons.

I previously did a guest comic for Jon where the MC of Jon’s comic, Bubblefox, asks T-Bone to show his adopted dragon-son, “Pepper”, how to be a dragon. You can guess that Bubblefox was not happy with T-Bone’s subject material (how to hoard gold, burn down villages, etc).  Which is a little surprising then that Bubblefox would take Pepper to T-Bone’s house for Trick-or-Treating, lol. Jon captured T-Bone perfectly.

You can read more Bubblefox comics HERE or see the link on the side bar in the “Awesome Webcomics” links!

Thanks again, Jon! Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween! See you Nov 1st! 🙂