Guest comic for April 9, 2018

Next up in the Guest Comic Extravaganza is this great comic by Josh Nickerson!

You can find links to all of Josh’s comic and art accounts by visiting his website at:

Josh is the creator of the comic, “Melancholy”, a PG13 comic about the life and times of a young woman named Honey. It is beautifully drawn and a great comic, you should definitely check it out!

Josh brings up a good point in regards to popular culture in comics, movies, etc. It definitely dates your work and should be used with caution. I myself seem to have no filters in regards to this as I sprinkle it on my comics like salt on fries, haha. However when I think of Disney’s “Aladdin” I get sad, because it’s such a great piece of animation and the pop culture references dates it terribly.

Thank you Josh for the guest comic! πŸ™‚