The next guest comic artist up in the Guest Comic Extravaganza is H Stacy, creator of the comic, “Pesky Gremlins”! Pesky Gremlins focuses on three gremlins and all of the mischief they create in the world around them . If your car won’t start, it’s probably those guys! The comic is humorous, heartwarming, and all around fun! You can check out the comic HERE.

And wow, I definitely wasn’t expecting such an incredible, full color image as this! I have to stop having guest artists that draw better than me, haha. “H” is known for his incredibly drawn artwork; the details, especially in the vehicles and machines in the strip, is outstanding.

Thank you, H, for participating, I so appreciate it! 🙂

We have one more guest artist, then it’s back to our regularly scheduled program! Remember that I’ll be tabling at Motor City Comic May 18-20, stop on by if you’re in the area!