Comic for January 27, 2016

I’m not usually one to pat myself on the back (in public, anyway) but the fact that I made this week’s update ON TIME is somewhat of a miracle for me.

My buffer has long since been gone but I’ve been able to keep up with a strip a week okay to make my weekly updates. But then last week I brought home a foster dog who has needed a lot of attention, then throw in an abscessed tooth that I’ve been dealing with AND that I just had dental surgery on tonight, and you have one tired cartoonist! Not to mention I haven’t even watched the new X-Files yet for lack of time!

But this is what makes life exciting, amiright?

The name of the way station, “Way Out West”, is my hat-tip to one of my favorite Laurel and Hardy movies, “Way Out West”. Plus it sounds like a great name of for way station to me!