Comic for December 2, 2015

I had a rottweiler named Thorn for 10 years. Although she found children to be a bit intimidating, she nevertheless was very gentle with them and all the neighborhood kids would come to our yard to play with her.
One little girl named Brenda just loved Thorn. One day she said to the other kids, “Now this is something you never want to do to her,”, and before I could intervene she sat down on Thorn’s back like she was riding a horse. Thorn cried out in pain (this was during her senior years) but didn’t react otherwise.
Brenda gave her a tear-filled apology, and I assured her that Thorn forgave her, but next time she should tell the other kids rather then show them what they should not do with her.
A big hug to our four-legged friends who are so tolerant of the rough handling (albeit well-meaning) actions of children everywhere!