Comic for August 5, 2015

So today is the debut of the FIRST strip in color! Or “Sundays”, even though they won’t be posted on Sundays.

And a new rule that I just made up right now (I can do that, I have the power): when I post a Sunday comic, there will be no second comic that week. Besides being a longer comic, there’s color, which took me a long time to do until I can figure out some shortcuts. SO there will be no new comic this Saturday to give this strip a little more air time and give me a bit of a chance to catch up (I work full time besides doing this comic).ย Sundays won’t be too often…certainly not every seventh strip (but there is another one coming up shortly).

Color comics are still a work in progress for me until I can decide how I want to lay them out, plus tweaking the colors until I decide on a permanent scheme. But for now I feel this one turned out well. Enjoy!