Comic for February 8, 2023

Hey look, it’s Copernicus! I haven’t given him any love lately so here he is starring in his own comic!

For the record, this is the reason why I’m not a fan of dogs licking my face (or any animal, actually). You don’t know what has been in those mouths or where they’ve been licking! I also am not a fan of people drinking out of my glass or bottle; it’s not a germ thing, it’s a saliva thing, lol.

*There may or may not be a new comic next week, my software has been buggy, I barely got this one done. So if you don’t see a new comic, don’t panic. You can also check out my Twitter or Instagram for the latest updates (and sometimes Facebook, I’m not on there as much).  The comic will be going back into hiatus soon, but I’ll still have one or two more new comics before that happens (unless my software quits completely).

Also I’m still promoting the new book, Galactic Dragons Volume 1! You can get it HERE!