Comic for January 13, 2021

So the crew is cleared of quarantine, and the crew wonders that’s next. In pops a Fleet dragon to explain the next steps; looks like she was assigned by Admiral Gallant, and we see the tearful reunion of father and daughter.

It was also a chance for me to make another nod to the comic character who Molly is based on, Molly Beans by Dan Sacharow. Dan had created an amazing YouTube video review of Galactic Dragons and has so many amazing and encouraging things to say about GD, I was so flattered. As a tribute, I created Molly to be Admiral Gallant’s daughter, the reason that Thew and Aurora are sent to rescue the lost colonists (and breaking many rules along the way). “Beans” sounded like an appropriate nickname that a father might call his daughter!

Dan ended the comic, but you can still find the archives at