Comic for December 23, 2020

It seems that recently my scheduled comics are missing their post time; so if you drop by the website and don’t see an updated comic, you can always check Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see if the comic has been updated.
OR… I could just be taking a short Christmas break! See you in January! 🙂

In this comic I have given the bears a Russian accent, which seemed to make sense to me. I actually researched how a Russian accent should be written so hopefully it’s believable.

And poor Thew, word is getting around on what he did…not on the actual rescuing part, but the part about how he broke the military’s rules against colonist rescue missions!

Wishing you and yours a VERY happy holiday season, hoping it’s warm, safe, healthy, and with loved ones. Thank you all for reading, I appreciate you!

See you in 2021!!