Comic for January 1, 2020!

Happy New Year!! 2020! A new decade, new hopes and dreams, and hopefully new solutions that will benefit humanity and the planet.

And Molly shares her hopes as well, hoping that the dragons will survive the journey back to the Tempest. And hopefully it’s not too dark a comic to ring in the new year! I thought about just having a static “Happy New Year” illustration but I took such a long break this year that I really just wanted to continue the story.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Have fun but please be safe and take an Uber or a Lyft or have a friend drive if you’ve been partying too hard.

And thank you for continuing to read Galactic Dragons! I appreciate all of the comments, likes, shares, and fan art so much, it really means so much to me! So thank you all, and Happy 2020!