Comic for June 12, 2019

We find Bruno piloting the pod towards the Tempest’s location…in an asteroid belt! Captain Thew needs to hide the Tempest, as the Lycadians will be thwarting their escape. Sputnik, with the hot-headiness of youth, would rather stand and fight, but Thew knows when it’s time to fight and time to run.

Meanwhile, T-Bone tries to keep spirits up on a pod that is jam-packed with dragons. It’s not often we’ll see Aurora defending T-Bone, but she sees the wisdom in trying to keep their minds off their situation.

**Due to my comic con this weekend, there will be no new comic for June 19! BUT come see me on Twitter on June 19th, as I’m doing something special that day! You can follow Galactic Dragons on Twitter at: @GalacticDragons

And if you’re in Ann Arbor, Michigan this weekend, be sure to stop by the artist alley at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Fest! 🙂