Comic for December 6, 2017

When creating Galactic Dragons I struggled with the idea of whether to give them teleportation technology or not. It just seems to make everything too easy, even though Star Trek found problems with that technology themselves and not being able to use it at times (interference, storms, can’t get a lock on signals. etc). Maybe in the future the dragon ships will have that kind of technology, but for now they have to do everything the hard way (sorry, T-Bone).

Can you believe that December is here already? Where the heck did the year go? This is the first comic where the dragons’ own version of Christmas is mentioned. Drakemas (after “Drakes”, or Draco) sounds a bit unoriginal but I went with it. The arc should be over in time next year for there to be a full series of Drakemas comics in time for next Christmas!