Comic for July 12, 2017

High praise from Thew is rare indeed!

A little on the Lycadians: The Lycadians are an ancient race of beings that are believed to be among the first civilized races, somewhat akin to the Atlantians or Lemurians of Earth. They are an extremely advanced race, both in the ways of technology and knowledge. Yet even with their superiority, they remained a peaceful race and were responsible for countless peace treaties and were even behind the founding of the United Federation of Constellations, even though they are not a member themselves as they do not hail from a constellation. They are a nomadic race, not believing in staying for one place for long, and also their constant travels are ideal for meeting new races that they can help and inspire. Their spaceships are like floating cities, with many inhabitants and everything they needed to live comfortably in space. Yet over the years their presence became less and less, and many believed them to have either left for far-away galaxies or died off completely.  For the crew of the Tempest to have run into a ship of Lycadians is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.
Keep reading to see what is next for the dragons and their interactions with the Lycadians!