Comic for December 14, 2016

**This will be the last comic for 2016! Next week my work schedule is going to be all haywire until Christmas which will leave me little time to work on comics. I do have a few days off and you can bet I’ll be working on new GD strips! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! See you in 2017!

This strip is my little tribute to 101.1 WRIF, “The RIFF”, the longest running rock station in Detroit. So T-Bone should have guessed that Bruno would be listening to that station! I grew up listening to the Riff.Β Their current morning crew, “Dave and Chuck the Freak”, are hilarious. They replaced the former morning crew, “Drew and Mike”, who I also listened to for a long time. Although they’re not the only station I listen to, I have a lot of respect for them!

My only regret for this posting is the timing, it would have been great if it had been post #101, but that’s how the numbers fell!