I was honored to recently provide a guest comic for the fabulous comic, “Dust Bunny Mafia” by Bret Juliano!

Dust Bunny Mafia has one of my favorite taglines, “Dangerously Cute Dust Bunnies in Fedoras”. The comic revolves around Leo and his gang of dust bunnies in a mafia-type setting and how they interact with the other families. It is witty, smart, and just plain hysterical! Just as entertaining as the comics are the comments that Bret leaves below each comic.

You can view the comic HERE.

I have to admit that I was intimidated to create the comic as Bret’s style is quite different from mine, and while I understand that the author of the guest comic is free to create it in their own style,  I admire Bret’s unique look so much that I wanted to do something similar.

And drawing that ice cream truck was one of my biggest challenges, but once I had the gag in my mind I had no choice but to draw it! I must say I dread drawing any kind of vehicle. After trying to free-hand it I gave up and just dragged an image into Illustrator and traced it. But I’m still proud of how it turned out!