Last Friday I was extremely happy to be able to attend the Motor City Comic Con for the first time in many years. I did not have a table (not ready for that yet). I was there merely as a patron and to enjoy the environment, and to scope it out in hopes of having a table next year.

Motor City Comic Con 2015

My friend Andrea came along with me. We decided against buying advance tickets; besides having to pay an extra fee, we felt confident that the line for Friday would be manageable. So we were nervous when we showed up on Friday to long lines of people waiting to get into the building…until we discovered that the thousand or so people in line were the advance ticket holders (cue the Nelson, “Ha-Ha!”) The line for those getting tickets at the door had maybe 60 people in it. Woo-hoo! We got into the building long before the poor souls who bought advance tickets.

Even though we would miss all the cool celebrities that were only going to be there on Saturday and Sunday, we had a great time walking around, rooting through boxes of comics, and of course people-watching. And I prefer crowds that aren’t shoulder to shoulder (claustrophobia!)

And there were many great artists there. I was extremely happy to briefly meet Katie Cook of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” comics and her online comic, “Gronk” I got a not-so-good pic (there were a lot of people in line and I didn’t want to ask them to move), but here it is.

Katie Cook

I was also thrilled to meet and talk briefly with David Petersen of the “Mouse Guard” series. And I was even more thrilled to get a signed copy of a Rocket Raccoon print of his, generously gifted to me from the gentleman standing next to me after he heard I was disappointed that there weren’t any left (you can see it on the table there).

David Petersen

And what a thrill to meet the man who has made many of the Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo models that were used in one of my favorite shows, “Mystery Science Theater 3000”!


Small highlights of the day: finding a $5 dollar bill on the floor that I used to buy a smoothie, realizing that a comic con is one of the only places on the planet where the line to the ladies room is shorter than the line to the men’s room, and finding THIS awesome coffee mug:

Jake mug

We’ll see if I’m ready next year to have a table to showcase Galactic Dragons and to sell my wares. Again, that darn eating and sleeping thing…if I could cut back on those, I’d have plenty of time for my art.

Until next year, Motor City CC!