There comes a time in a cartoonist’s life where they have to take a break to catch up on life, or in my case, prepare for my upcoming comic cons! I’ll be tabling at Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI May 18-20, and I have a lot to do to get prepared! I’m also very happy to again be tabling at the Ann Arbor Comics Art Festival in Ann Arbor, MI June 16-17!

That’s where I need a little help from my friends. And my fabulous friends and fellow cartoonists have graciously created guest comics to keep you entertained for the next few weeks whilst I finish my con preparations!

To have another artist contribute their time and talents is a huge honor, and I’m so incredibly grateful to all who are contributing! Please show some love and support to them by visiting their websites and/or social media pages which will be posted with their comics!

Galactic Dragons will return soon with even more adventures and fun! Thanks everyone for your continued support and comments! Enjoy!

*Blog post fan art courtesy of Jon Esparza!