A busy schedule has kept me from attending many comic cons lately, something I’m hoping to change this year. I LOVE going to cons! It’s so great to meet so many talented artists, see fun┬ácosplay, and root through boxes of books and comics.

GLCC Feb 2016-6 sm


My friend Lori came with me to last weekend’s Great Lakes Comic Con in Warren, MI. We got there right when it opened, so we had some breathing space as we walked around, did some shoppin’, and talked to artists.

Later when I looked at my photos on my phone, I said, “Really? That’s ALL I took? I didn’t even snap a pic of the giant Transformer Dinosaur or the Ghostbusters? Or of that great cosplay of Spider-Gwen?” *sighs*

GLCC Feb 2016-2 sm
I’m a bit shy of photos myself, but I did snap a pic of Joe Foo as he signed an awesome illo of his of Cubone that I bought from him:
GLCC Feb 2016-7 sm

And Lori snapped a pic of Sgt Slaughter…:D
Sgt Slaughter

The artists were friendly and nice to talk to. It also gave me some ideas of how to have a table at a con, as this is something I’m looking to do in the near future; I’m still learning to face my fears and stage-fright in regards to this!

Anyway, it was fun and I got a lot of great stuff from local artists; if I’m going to spend money, I’d rather give it to the local artists!


GLCC Feb 2016-10 sm