Galactic Dragons can now be found on Tapas (formerly Tapastic)! If you don’t know already, Tapas is a FREE comic app (although the site can also be viewed on desktop) that features over a thousand free comics! There’s so many great comics, I could spend all day just reading them!

To answer any questions you may have:

Q: Will there be new content on Tapas that isn’t on the main Galactic Dragons website?
A: No, there is actually more content on the main website because I won’t be uploading pop-culture-referenced comics from 2 years ago. BUT I have re-formatted the comics from the original horizontal format to a vertical format which can be read easier on mobile devices. The files also need to be large, so you’ll be seeing bigger dragons!

Q: What days will you be uploading comics on Tapas?
A: I don’t have set days right now because these are old comics that I’m uploading; I don’t want to upload all of them at once and I want people to come back so I’m posting about 3 a week right now. Once I’m caught up, it will be on the same day as I post to the main website (right now on Wednesdays).

If you click the image it will bring you to Tapas. Remember, it’s FREE to join! And as always, thanks friends for your support!